Beyond Risk Scores:  The Future of Cyber Risk Management

WEBINAR:  Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 10am PT/1pm ET (Duration: 30 min.)

Do you know what cyber threats are happening right now throughout your ecosystem?

The current approach to cybersecurity focuses on protecting victims. But this “castle and moat” mentality has driven costs up, resulted in “tool sprawl,” and distracted users with too many false positives without actually giving organizations any confidence that their networks won’t be breached.

To stay ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape, the organizations that thrive in the future will demand real-time, continuous, and actionable intelligence on cybersecurity compromises in their own networks as well as their partner and supplier networks.

It’s time for a new approach

Register now and join Karim Hijazi, CEO and Founder of Prevailion, for this 30-minute session where he’ll explain why the future of cybersecurity will demand that the industry shift its focus from the victim to the adversary, and the role that compromise intelligence will play in delivering a strategic, competitive edge to the companies that leverage it.

Join our webinar to learn

  • Proven problems with how cyber risk is managed in today's largest firms
  • Key business sectors being targeted by threats that go unnoticed by current means of detection
  • How compromise intelligence gives businesses the threat visibility they need to stay competitive

About the Presenter  

Karim Hijazi, CEO and Founder, Prevailion

Karim Hijazi is the Founder and CEO of Prevailion, a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity SaaS platform that provides businesses with unprecedented visibility into their own network as well as existing third-party partners and potential new partners, acquisitions or investments, empowering them to mitigate their compromise before it becomes their own. 

Who Should Attend

Third-Party Risk Management Leaders

Responsible for managing activities conducted through third-party relationships, and identifying and controlling risks

Financial, Legal and Compliance Leaders

Responsible for doing company valuations as part of M&A and strategic partnerships due diligence

Cybersecurity Teams

IT/Cyber teams who conduct and prepare Cyber Risk Assessments for internal business stakeholders

Cyber Risk Consultants and Insurers

Perform cyber risk assessment on behalf of corporations, law firms and insurers, investment companies

About Prevailion

Prevailion is the world’s first Zero Touch™ Compromise Intelligence™ platform that provides exclusive access to Continuous Compromise Intelligence™ on active, confirmed cyber compromises impacting tens of thousands of organizations around the world.

Prevailion helps organizations reduce cyber risk by providing clear, real-time and continuous visibility into compromises affecting their entire ecosystem, giving them a competitive edge and empowering them to make strategic business decisions about how, when and with whom to share access to their networks.

Visit Prevailion website for more detail.


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